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Reflexology Exam-Quiz: It's Origin, History, Theory & Hypothesis, Anatomy & Physiology 12 hr

(Non-Technique Continuing Education Course to know Principles, Chronology & Science: Not massage Therapy Techniques or Manipulation of Soft Tissue)

Online CE Class for Texas Massage Therapists. Texas Department of State Health Services DSHS Massage Therapy TX Licensed Continuing Education Provider TX DSHS Massage CEU Provider License Number: CE 1608 provided by TX Licensed Instructor: Daniel C. PhD EMT LMT MTI, Integrity Services, Granbury, TX 76048

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Question 1: What is the other name for Reflexology?
Zone Therapy
Polarity Therapy
Massage Therapy
None of the Above

Question 2: Which part of the body has reflex areas representing nerve endings?
None of the Above

Question 3: What is a reflex area?
controls pain
used to measure heart beat
has therapeutic effects in other parts of the body
None of the Above

Question 4: Various parts of the body are connected to pressure sensors in the?
None of the Above

Question 5: The tip of the nose is a reflex point for the
None of the Above

Question 6: The 10 zones that are logistically located in the human body are also called
None of the Above

Question 7: The forehead is a reflex point for the
optical system
ear canal

Question 8: The area between the lips and the chin is a reflex point for the
spinal cord
both ears
reproductive system

Question 9: The bridge of the nose is a reflex point for the
descending colon

Question 10: The individual's face reflex areas reflect the individual's
overall state of tension
None of the Above

Question 11: Reflexology was introduced into the United States in 1913 by
Kevin and Barbara Kunz PhD
William H. Fitzgerald, M.D.
Dr. William Barclay
None of the Above

Question 12: Who developed reflexology in the 1930s and 1940s?
Mark Miller
Samuel Augustus
Eunice D. Ingham
None of the Above

Question 13: Reflexologists have indicated that the majority of health problems are
from pathogens
None of the Above

Question 14: Reflexology is based on _________, and _____________ on the face which in turn effects the physical changes made in the body
heart beats or pulses, and swelling
a system of zones, and reflections of the body's image
nerves, and their reflection
None of the Above

Question 15: Using reflexology to restore______________ by ____________________is rather strange but totally accurate
diagnose health problems by ultrasonic techniques
perform a physical on the body by assessing vital signs
the equilibrium balance by means of the face
None of the Above

Question 16: Many people have tried reflexology to address _________________with ________________
irregular heart beats with focused pressure
ear canal problems with reflex point stimulation
specific medical problems with overwhelmingly successful results
None of the above

Question 17: Pressure sensors are used in various industrial applications and surprisingly found in the ___________
water supply industry to measure water level in tanks
pipeline industry to monitor pressure in piplelines to prevent material failure
None of the above

Question 18: In Reflexology, the underlying __________ is that each reflex area or nerve ending can be stimulated to increase the flow of energy, blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses to the corresponding body zone and thereby relieve ailments in that zone
scientific proof
theory supported by medical practitioners
principle, theory or hypothesis

Question 19: In North America during the 1930's, a detailed reflexology foot map was developed by
William H. Fitzgerald, M.D.
Mildred Carter
Eunice Ingham
None of the above

Question 20: Ingham believed that working on the ________was the best way to affect the health of the complete body
None of the Above

Question 21: Ingham’s reflexology foot maps showed exactly __________
how nerve endings from other body organs ended in the feet
how particular parts of the feet relate to other body parts
the location of irregular heart beat stimulaton points
None of the Above

Question 22: A reflexology hand chart helps you discover how areas of the hand anatomy are approximate to __________?
Skeletal System
function of the organs
the full body anatomy
None of the Above

Question 23: Various reflexology charts show often small differences which reflect the _________ reflexologists on the accuracy of the charts
continued debate among
historical acceptance
None of the Above

Question 24: The theory says: there are _________ on the bottom of your feet – these reflexology points represent specific parts of your body.
106 points
104 points
212 points
None of the Above

Question 25: Each ear contains a ________ of the body
reflection of the body's vital organs
series of nerve endings of each organ
complete reflex map
None of the Above

Question 26: Another word for ear reflexology is the term ________________
auticular stimulation
facial symphisyd
auricular therapy
None of the above

Question 27: __________reflexology may be easier to learn, simply because most of us are more accustomed to its handling and working with it
None of the above

Question 28: One of the great things about hand reflexology is that it is _______________
very sensitive to stimulation
easier to access than the feet
simple, effective and safe
None of the above

Question 29: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is a spot on the hand to relieve headaches and it corresponds to the ________________________
frontal lobe
medulla oblangata
adrenal glands; clearing blockages from the adrenal glands’ energy circuit will likely bring new life force and vitality
None of the above

Question 30: Reflexology specialists have indicated that foot reflexology can
cleanse the body of toxins, increase circulation, assist in weight loss, and improve the health of organs throughout the body
lead to a healthy heart, heal diabetes, and colon cancer
create a sense of relaxation, relieve headaches and raise the IQ
None of the Above

Question 31: Who stated that "not only does new Body Reflexology let you cure the worst illnesses safely and permanently, it can even work to reverse the aging process"
Eunice D. Ingham
Mildred Carter
William H. Fitzgerald, M.D.
None of the Above

Question 32: Reflexologists have reported success in treating
osteoperosis, leukmia, cancer, indigestion and flu
astigmatism, allergies, antihistamines, CPM, cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice and myopia
earaches, anemia, bronchitis, deafness, emphysema, heart disease, overactive thyroid gland, kidney stones, liver trouble, cataracts, and hydrocephalus
None of the Above

Question 33: Hydrocephalus is
a condition in which an excess of fluid surrounding the brain can cause pressure that damages the brain
a condition related to fluid in the lungs
a condition related to swelling of the feet
None of the Above

Question 34: _________ author of the Reflexology and Color Therapy Workbook, teaches that colors can be applied to "areas where an abnormality has been diagnosed but which has produced no noticeable symptoms in the physical body."
Mildred Carter
Pauline Wills
William H. Fitzerald
None of the Above

Question 35: The purpose of reflexology is not to treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder, but to
identify nerve endings in the feet that may be related to specific organs
identify abnormal reflexes and perform reflexology treatment
promote better health and well being in the same way as an exercise or diet program
None of the Above

Question 36: Reflexology results in the
stimulation of all organs in the body
invigoration and release of neurons to regulate autonomic body functions
release of tension to unblock nerve impulses and improve the blood supply to all parts of the body
None of the above

Question 37: Researchers concluded that foot reflexology is
important in promoting relaxation which in turn can heal all diseases that affect the body
less effective than massage in promoting circulation throughout the body
not effective in acute, abdominal postsurgical situations in gynecology and can occasionally trigger abdominal pain
None of the above

Question 38: Researchers concluded that there is no relationship between
reflexology treatments and relaxation
reflexology treatments and circulation
reflexology treatments and weight loss
None of the above

Question 39: Researchers concluded that they had found no evidence that reflexology has a specific effect on asthma beyond
neutral effects
unrelated side effects
placebo influence
None of the above

Question 40: Reflexology is also beneficial as a preventive measure for good health,
with particular attention being paid to the immune system
with particular attention being paid to the circulatory system
with particular attention being paid to the nervous system
None of the Above

Question 41: Supporting the benefits of Reflexology, a recent study shows that walking on specifically placed uneven, natural stones
improves foot health and prevents diseases from affecting other parts of the sympatheric nervous system
stimulates acupressure points in the feet and can improve circulation and reduce overall stress
can reduce the chances of contracting liver disease
None of the Above

Question 42: Reflexologists address the body's vital parts in the following sequence
legs, hands, trunk, face and spine
bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and cirulatory system
heart, kidneys, diaphragm, chest, spine
None of the Above

Question 43: Reflexology can be used to resolve the
negative emotional states brought on by anger, grief, fear, guilt, stress, jealousy, and depression
stress caused through overworking, lack of excercise, improper diet, obesity, hypertension and diabetes
gaps in medical treatment related to preventive care and alternative holistic healing
None of the Above

Question 44: When already ill, if reflexology is done on the feet
the immune system will be compromised resulting in further deterioration of health
further toxins will be emitted into the body and this will cause a further deterioration of health
the circulatory system will transport virus and bacteria to other parts of the body
None of the Above

Question 45: If a fracture of broken bone condition has occurred it would be a serious folly to administer the reflexology style of treatment,
because it would result in bleeding and cause excessive pain and dehydration
since reflexololgy will result in permanent dislocation of the joints
as the pain involved will stress the individual further
None of the Above

Question 46: Anatomy is the study of __________ and Physiology is the study of ___________________
body organization; diseases in each organ
the skeletal system; function
structure; function
None of the above

Question 47: There are ____ main systems in the body
None of the above

Question 48: The nervous system is anatomically and functionally split into
autonomic and manually regulated systems
the brain and the spinal cord
sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
central and peripheral divisions

Question 49: The wire like nerve cells ________ are the actual structures that link the Central Nervous System to the Peripheral Organs
composed of spinal fluid
None of the above

Question 50: The bony anatomy of the foot and ankle involves the
Tibia, Figula, Calcaneous, Talus, Cuboid, Navicular, Cuniform Bones, Metatarsals, and Phalanges
carpal tunnel, toes, sole and tibia
joints, ligaments, muscles and blood vessels
None of the Above

Question 51: Basal Thumb Joint Arthritis
is due to deterioration of the bones in the hand
results in pain with restricted movement of the thumb across the palm
is due to calcium deficiency
None of the Above

Question 52: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
is a result of prolonged typing with a computer keyboard
onset is due to unbalanced lifting of heavy objects
is pressure on the median nerve causing pain over the wrist and fingers
None of the Above

Question 53: Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is
pain at the small finger and half of the ring finger
caused by stress fractures during the improper use of power tools
routinely healed permanently by reflexology
None of the Above

Question 54: Osteoarthritis is
more prominent in aging adults due to lack of excercise and multivitamins
pain typically affecting the interphalangeal joints of the fingers and the thumb
a hereditary disease that is prevalent among females with a history of hypertension
None of the Above

Question 55: Rheumatoid Arthritis
caused when streptococci infections are untreated and can impact the heart
is more prevalent in colder countries due to the lack of sunlight responsible for vitamin D generation in our bodies
pain located at the knuckles of the fingers and the wrist bone
None of the Above

Question 56: The body can be divided into two major sections
posterior and the anterior sections
voluntary and the involuntary organs
axial portion and the appendicular portion
None of the above

Question 57: The axial portion comprises of the
face, chest and abdomen
legs, stomach, and the face
head, neck and trunk
None of the above

Question 58: The appendicular portion comprises of
the appendix, liver and the spleen
duodenum, small intestine and the colon
ribs, trunk and femur
the upper limbs (arms) and lower limbs (legs)

Question 59: In Reflexology, pressure is applied to each area or zone of the foot to
promote relaxation, stress-relief and resultant healing in its associated area of the body
promote circulation and flow of proteins to its associated area of the body
relieve pain in its associated area of the body
None of the above

Question 60: No _____________ are used in Reflexology
wooden pressure devices
hydrotherapeutic techniques
stimulation or Rejuvenation principles
oils, creams, or lotions

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